Logistics and Transportation Services

We work on transportation determines the efficiency of moving products.


    Logistics is the process of planning, implementing, and controlling procedures for the efficient and effective transportation and storage of goods,including services and related information, from the point of origin to the point of consumption.
Process of moving and handling goods and materials, from the beginning to the end of the production, sale process, to satisfy customers and add business competitiveness . The goal of logistics is to successfully meet customer requirements. This definition includes inbound, outbound, internal and external movements.
Deemsoft helps global logistics leaders leverage IT to improve supply chain efficiency, expand their global operations and comply with regulations. We rely on decades of experience providing a comprehensive suite of IT services to create more flexible businesses, reduce costs and build deeper connections with customers in the logistics industry.



|   By lowering shipping costs, some clients find that they are able to open up markets that were previously unattainable to them. This gives them an opportunity to grow sales and expand their customer base.


|   Whether it is auditing freight bills and discovering billing errors, involving accounting in supply chain is important – but it doesn’t stop there.


|   By tracking raw materials and incoming products, as well as outgoing shipments and sales, inventory management is a key driver of profitability and expense control.


|   The lifeblood of the organization is the raw materials and components that are planned, purchased, scheduled, and delivered to the facility in which they are made.purchasing terms gives your company better leverage with carriers and helps drive efficiency.


|   Logistics have to embrace rapid change and be at the strategy table with other executives and decision-makers in the organization to ensure that the company can deliver on its promise to both internal and external customers.


Deemsoft establishes a dedicated innovation cell for each of our logistics clients, which focuses on identifying, developing and deploying new ideas, concepts, approaches, methodologies, processes and tools to lower costs, accelerate timelines and deliver tangible business results.


With this combination of advanced capabilities, lower cost and ubiquitous access, logistics providers have an unprecedented opportunity to capitalize on what mobile has to offer, whether that’s:

  • Tracking mileage

  • Measuring driver/field worker performance.

  • Interacting with back-end systems (e.g. CRM – customer relationship management, payroll, etc.).

  • Managing scheduling and routing.

Even on the compliance front, mobile technology can be leveraged to automate vital information, such as:

  • Hours of service (HOS)

  • Hours per work week

  • Fuel consumption

  • Engine and driver performance

However, because of the complexity of the systems, the key to successful Mobile Resource Management (MRM), is having a single vendor or systems integrator that can work with data plan providers, hardware/software solutions, and installers to tie all the mobile pieces together.