SalarySoft (Salary Software)
Salary Management Software, Salary Software

SalarySoft (Salary Software) makes the maintenance of the employee details easy as all the details of employees, along with the leave and holiday details, can be viewed in a single place. There are numerous features in this product which reduces lot of your effort in maintaining the company details. Provides easy to use graphical interface and intuitive menu driven design helps user learn the tool quickly and start using right away.

Designed with the view of helping the management of the company to maintain the employee and company details, this payroll accounting product allows you to create various branches, departments, etc under the company. You can also upload the company logo to be used in the reports. You can manage the bank details, holiday and leave details of your company effectively, with separate options for each feature.

The salary, allowances, deductions, tax details, etc of employees can be calculated and maintained individually. The admin can also create login for employees so that they can view their salary, leave and holiday details. This management product, apart from aiding in managing the salary and other details, allows you to view, print and download reports of various categories like holiday, feedback, loan, attendance, allowances/deductions, etc.

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Product Features
   Employee Management
   Loans Management
   Insurance and Advances
   TDS Management
   PF Management
   ESI Management
   Direct Email Support
   Salary Report
   Works As Online
   Allowance Management
   Varieties of Reports
   Auto Data Backup

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