Restaurant Management Software
Restaurant Management Software, Restaurant Software

Restaurant software provides restaurant owners and companies around the clock and convenience to oversee their operations, number of orders served, fast moving items, time taken to serve the order and automate the communication between waiters, chefs, customer, increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, reduce the cost, control inventory wastage, hire adequate staff etc. Provides easy to use graphical interface and intuitive menu driven design helps user learn the tool quickly and start using right away.

  • Tables mangement
  • Rooms management.
  • Inventory management.
  • Food recipes management.
  • Full Automation
  • Ability to generate various types reports.
  • It will support billing.
Restaurant Software Packages




Product Features
   Table service management
   Room service managment
   Kitchen managment
   Creates Menus
   Creates Products Inventory
   Track Sales
   Track Expenses
   Create food recipes
   Works As Online
   Varieties of Reports
   Track top selling menus
   SMS alert for payment
   Over due products alert
   Product purchase alert

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