QikTech-2000 Quantitative Rapid Test Desktop Reader

The QikTech 2000 is a Desk-Top Rapid Test Quantitative Reader that provides accurate readings with high sensitivity. It reads and calibrates for test lines that are visually difficult to recognize.

The QikTech 2000 simplifies accurate diagnosis, shortens the reading time and reports reliable quantitative results. The reader reads all rapid tests in our product range with a single and multiple control and test lines.

The QikTech 2000 Application Software provides a user friendly interface that is easy to operate using a single step procedure. It automatically analyzes and generates reports that can be submitted into the medical reports making it easy for the health professional to understand the numerical results.

Our software also provides the ability to manage the various tests, organize and associate them with specific patients, and to keep track of patients and test kits. Finally, we can customize and calibrate both, the reader and software for any specific need with the option of a RFID and Barcoding.

QikTech - 2000 reader is an optical density reader designed to read lateral flow assay kits (Rapid Test kits) and delivers convenient and accurate quantitative result whenever and wherever you need it.

QikTech - 2000 reads control and test lines with high sensitivity and compares and calibrates for optical density and provide numerical value as result. Using this reader will bring whole new dimension of diagnostics techniques to the world.


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