gClinics(Hospital and Clinic Management Software)

Hospital Management Software, Hospital Software

gClinics online Hospital Management Software provides solutions to big and small hospitals and clinics to manage their day to day operations with ease and efficiency. Its complete automation saves not only money but also saves from costly mistakes and missed appointments.It also reminds timely procedure and follow-ups.

  • Registration
  • Out patient management.
  • Inpatient management.
  • visits managements.
  • Lab management.
  • Ward management.
  • Appointments managements.
  • Doctors/Staff management.
  • Ward management.
  • Pharmacy management.
  • Blood Bank management.
  • Laundry management.
  • Inpatient billing.
  • Outpatient billing.
  • Ability to generate various types patient reports.
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Product Features
   Patient Registration
   Visits Tracking
   Out Patient Management
   Inpatient Management
   Lab Tests
   Ward Management
   Doctor and Staff Managment
   Auto Inpatient Billing
   Appointments Management
   Multi User Support
   Various Reports
   Auto Data Backup
   Blood Bank management
   Laundry management

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