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Deemsoft Business Management System Software(eBusiness) helps businesses to perform efficiently by using our intuitive product. It provides Client Relationship Management (CRM), Sales Quotations, Sales Orders, Invoices, Inventory, Receipts, Purchase Orders, Shipping Details and Reports. Provides easy to use graphical interface and intuitive menu driven design helps user to learn the tool quickly and start using right away. eBusiness was designed with simplicity and ease of use as a top priority! We get a lot of feedback from users who are overjoyed at how simple it is to get up and going with eBusiness

  • Creates thousands of contacts database
  • Creates professional invoice.
  • Creates professional quotation.
  • Creates purchase order.
  • Ability to add thousands of products to the inventory.
  • Track expenses.
  • Works as standalone or online where multi user can work on common data.
  • Import and export existing invoices and orders.
  • Integration with standard shipping company portals.
  • Ability to generate varieties of reports
eBusiness Packages

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Product Features
   Creates Contacts Database
   Creates Professional Quotation
   Creates Professional Invoice
   Creates Purchase Order
   Creates Products Inventory
   Track Expenses
   Direct Email Support
   Works As Standalone with Multi User
   Works As Online
   Import and Export Existing Data
   Varieties of Reports
   Integration with Standard Shipping Company Portals
   Multiple Templates For Quotation, Invoice and Purchase Order
   Customized Quotation, Invoice and Purchase Order Format
   Auto Data Backup


Business Software Features.

Contacts module helps you manage and store any information relating to your contacts and customers more effectively. You can store contact details, notes, emails, communications and sales leads in one system available any time anywhere.Just start typing a name or email address and the quick search will automatically update your search results.

Inventory/Stock Management
An Inventory management to keep track on your Inward/Outward in Inventory, Control your Buffer Stock & Re-Order levels, Complete visibility of Inventory movement, Track Fast & Slow moving inventory, Manage Rejection and Purchase Returns, Identify preferred Supplier.

Creates Professional Quotation
This module is designed to automate all of the work in quote generation, which allows you to create and send comprehensive quotes in seconds. You can also easily create and send revisions and you can convert finalized quotation to Invoice automatically.

This module is designed to automate all of the work in purchase order generation, which allows you to create and send comprehensive purchase order in seconds. You can also easily create and send revised purchase order.
Professional Invoice Creation
Invoice the way you want to! Choose when, where and how your clients pay. Take a deposit at the time they schedule, bill them with an emailed invoice. This makes easy to bill your clients and get paid. Lots of sweet features, with no limits on how many customers or invoices.

Expenses tracking
It Improved productivity - Productivity is improved for managers and expense report submitters, including reductions in time spent enforcing policies, completing and approving reports, submitting receipts, and reimbursing employees.It takes a unique person to enjoy creating expense reports, so the better the software, the happier the employee. In addition, because the reports get submitted faster, reimbursements can be issued faster - good news for everyone.

Variaties of Reports
It gives various reports like contacts report, invoice report, quotation reports, phurchase order reports, inventory reports and expenses reports. And it gives flexibality to search reports name wise, date wise, amount wise, due date wise etc.

This module give you the controle to create any users, inactive the users, provide access permission to the users and many more controle to the admin to manage the software.

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