BookingSoft(Reservation & Billing Software)

Reservation & Billing Software, Billing Software,Guest House Booking Software

BookingSoft helps businesses to reserve hotel rooms or cars or RVs or construction equipments or party rentals efficiently by using our intuitive product. It provides Invoices, Inventory, Receipts and Reports. Provides easy to use graphical interface and intuitive menu driven design helps user to learn the tool quickly and start using right away.

  • Allows you to reserve and bill one more resources for one or more days
  • Creates professional invoice.
  • Works as standalone or online where multi user can work on common data.
  • Import and export existing invoices and orders.
  • Ability to generate varieties of reports

Booking Software Packages




Product Features
   Room booking
   Car Booking
   Party hall booking
   Room reservation
   Car reservation
   Party hall reservation
   Create professional invoice
   Works As Standalone
   Auto checkout calculation
   Import and Export Existing Data
   Varieties of Reports
   Date wise cashbook
   Auto Data Backup

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